Two F&@king Parties

Why Bernie Was Right


Both parties are bought and paid for by the worlds corporate elite. The R's lost control this time and ended up with Trump. Bernie almost trumped the D's but came up a little short so we got HRC. Two crappy candidates for sure,

Trump a member of the corporate elite, playing populist, has too much hate for my tastes. I was raised to believe the US was one of the good guys and the image that a Trump regime is throwing out is not one of a good-guy. He's not going to make America great again. Unless your version of great is one where we are the worlds big, ugly bully.

HRC, though she is perceived as a corrupt, criminal mastermind by the right, comes across to me as, well, just not very good at what she does, Her beliefs change with the wind or who shes talking to. She's damned war-like and owned by the establishment. She is the candidate of a system that over the last 40 years got us to the point of Trump.

They both suck and it's the two party system that's at fault.

We need established third and fourth parties to break the R-D-corporo-elite stranglehold. The Green and Libertarian are the best bet at this time. I'd suggest.....

If you lean Bernie, then vote for Jill Stein  - Green party
If you lean R, vote for Gary Johnson.- Libertarian

The D's and R's have to be held accountable.



The Debate

I thought this was a poorly worded question.
"Secretary Clinton, I want to pursue your [economic] plan, because in many ways it is similar to the Obama stimulus plan in 2009, which has led to the slowest GDP growth since 1949."
That's Fox-News wording, If it's related to Obama or a liberal/progressive idea then it has to be spun so it appears negative or to have failed.

More on this here:

The Recovery in Perspective (Again) | Econbrowser:


Fiscal Foolishness

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Dylan and the Nobel

I grew up on Dylan. He was my dad's (an early boomer) favorite musician. I think he had every album he made, including bootlegs, along with every book. He spent hours practicing guitar and harmonica, writing Dylan-style songs. He used to tell me that someday people would be studying Dylan lyrics like poetry.

I think the Nobel proves he was right.

I like Dylan too. His early stuff got me interested in and painted my image of the 60's. He helped form my twisted view of life.

Very few can put words together or influence social change as Dylan did. The Nobel is deserved.

Still, this feels like a "Peak Boomer" moment or maybe the realization that the boomer era is about over.

The Boomers started trying to change the world for the good in the early 60's with Dylan leading the way.. civil rights, anti-war protests, sex-drugs-rock-and-roll. They aged gracefully into the not so good.. Reagan, Cocaine, The Bushes, The Clintons, corporate greed. On their way out they stick us with the Dotcom and housing bubbles, an amazingly corrupt and ineffective mix of Big Government, Global corporate power, and crazy, war-ing religions. In the end, I'm not sure the boomers made the world a better place. Different yes, but better?

Anyway, thanks boomers. What could have been...

Dylan's prize seems like the first (more to come?) of the Boomers patting themselves on the back and rewarding their heroes before they all die off.

I can't help thinking about how this election and the next ten years would look like like if we had a new Boomer generation with their Dylan?


Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature - The New York Times:

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Ted Rall on why he won't vote for Hillary.

Hey, Clintonoids, Stop Bullying Me About My Vote:

I wish I'd said that.  

Indiana is going to Trump in a landslide so my vote, or any non-Trump vote won't really matter. I'd suggest all Indiana Hillary/Trump/the System haters, write in Bernie or Jill Stein.

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38 billion dollars..

.. and all we get is another settlement.

U.S. Admits Israel Is Building Permanent Apartheid Regime — Weeks After Giving It $38 Billion:

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