Government of the Business, By the business..

.. well, you know the rest.....

Corey Robin nails-it 

We have the opportunity for a realignment. We don’t have a party to do it. Yet

We have an amazing, once-in-a-half-century opportunity to repudiate the entire business class. They are the authors of our current predicament. They are the doyens of our current moment. They are the social malignancy—like the slaveocracy, like the economic royalists—that needs to be repudiated. 
But we can’t do that unless and until we either transform the Democratic Party, as Reagan and the right did with the Republicans in the 1960s and 1970s, or find and found a new party, as Lincoln and the Republicans did in the 1850s.

Single-Payer Healthcare

Al Gore supports single-payer healthcare!? 

Well, I guess that kills it.


AIPAC coming for your freedom of speech

U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel:

".. sponsoring a bill that dictates to American citizens what political views they are and are not allowed to espouse under threat of criminal prosecution?"

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Too Many Americans Live in a Mental Fog

Too Many Americans Live in a Mental Fog - Bloomberg:

Yep. We don't think clearly but I'd add alcohol, sugar, all media, our fixation with sports, and religion to the list of reasons.

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A pretty good description of the Rs from Gin and Tacos.


 ..the Republican Party is incapable of creating anything. They can repeal, cut, obstruct, filibuster, defund, and grandstand. They can talk, feign moral outrage, dog-whistle, and mud sling. The one thing they cannot do, as we now can all see plainly, is write a bill that makes policy. 
It is a mob chanting "no," a cargo cult of nihilists hell-bent on tearing down and destroying, but when they are handed the keys that they ostensibly want, they freeze up like deer in headlights. They dislike everyone and everything, including (or perhaps especially) each other. When forced to come together and agree upon something, even among themselves, they are incapable of doing it.

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Pence demands Congress ‘do their job’

Pence demands Congress ‘do their job’ after health bill collapse | Fox News:

So Congress's job is to take healthcare away from millions and make it more expensive for everyone?

I thought they were here to work for "The People."

Pence is an idiot.

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How many Trump voters wouldn't have been Trump voters had they know his AG was going after pot laws?

States Keep Saying Yes to Marijuana Use. Now Comes the Federal No. - The New York Times:

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Roger Waters


On the Senate's health care bill. Wow...

The Un-Democratic Process Behind Trumpcare - The Atlantic:

 "..A thoroughly partisan, ill-conceived and ill-considered bill, slapped together without the input of experts or stakeholders, done not to improve the health care system but to aid plutocrats, crafted in a fashion that will hurt millions and millions of Americans, by lawmakers doing whatever they can to avoid interacting with their own constituents. Dismaying, even despicable. And worse is that so many senators who should know better, and many who do know better, will actually vote for the monstrosity—and give this illegitimate process their imprimatur.” 

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